ESG as a pillar of growth and innovation

Integrating environmental, social and governance criteria into our growth and innovation strategy is a key factor in making the company more sustainable and resilient over the long term. Today, the results of this commitment allow our products to stand out in the market by offering solutions that meet the expectations of our customers and consumers.

  • An innovation-oriented strategy
  • A strong ESG policy
  • Ambitious environmental, social and ethical objectives
biotechnologies chimie enzymatique culture de micro algues

More sustainable technologies

With the use of biotechnologies, enzymatic chemistry, micro-algae cultivation or subcritical water extraction, Solabia has chosen to invest in technologies that have less impact on the environment. These technologies support our transition and environmental goals while reducing the environmental footprint of our products. In the longer term, we are acting on our products via an eco-design program that integrates all stages of the product life cycle.

An approach to respond to emerging issues or a global approach

The environmental and societal dimension is an integral part of the group’s value chain whether upstream with our suppliers, within the framework of our activities or downstream with our distributors and customers. In 2017, the Solabia group committed to supporting the United Nations Global Compact and its 10 principles that address human rights, international labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.

To support our climate commitments, we are working to reduce our carbon footprint by investing in the production and use of renewable energy at our production sites with the aim of helping to keep global warming below 1.5°C. Similarly, we also take water management very seriously by reducing our consumption and promoting its reuse in order to minimize our water footprint, particularly in areas most at risk of water shortages.

Employee health and safety is part of the continuous improvement process required by our 45001 certification. To improve our performance, we have set up training and awareness programs to reduce the number and severity of accidents. Similarly, to prevent psychosocial risks, a steering committee including all stakeholders has been created. Preventive actions are carried out to guarantee health, safety and quality of life at work in a safe and motivating environment.

As producers, our supply chain must share our commitment to environmental and social responsibility. To this end, we ask our suppliers to adhere to our Code of Conduct and to support our values regarding human rights, ethics, safety and environmental protection. A supplier evaluation survey allows us to assess risks and, if necessary, to implement improvement actions within the framework of our partnerships.


Biodiversity is a subject that concerns us on multiple levels. Firstly, due to the presence of seaweed and the sea on the island of Ouessant, a protected area where we cultivate and responsibly harvest various types of seaweed that will become cosmetic ingredients after extraction. Moreover, our activities in the field of plants require us to source raw materials of natural origin. At this stage, we closely monitor the origin of the materials, the type of cultivation and harvesting as well as the absence of deforestation guaranteed by the RSPO certification. We make sure that international conventions on biodiversity are respected and that the resources resulting from its use are shared fairly and equitably.

Solabia is committed to gender equality within its teams

Solabia is steadfastly committed to promoting gender equality, aiming to establish gender parity at all levels of the company. Our concrete actions regarding compensation, access to responsibilities, and professional development are reflected in tangible results, measured by the equality index.

Our commitment to gender equality goes beyond mere compliance with standards; it extends to a genuine desire to create an inclusive environment where everyone, regardless of gender, can thrive and contribute fully to the success of our company.

At Solabia, equality is not just a value; it is a reality that we reinforce every day to enrich our corporate culture and ensure our shared success.

A recognized commitment

Each year, the Solabia group communicates on its actions by publishing an ESG report and by completing its Communication on Progress (CoP) on the United Nations Global Compact website. Our actions are also assessed annually by the Carbon Disclosure Project Climate and Water as well as by the Ecovadis platform, which, in a continuous improvement process, provides us with avenues for progress.

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