The Solabia group

Since 1972, the Solabia group has been developing, producing and distributing ingredients for various industries worldwide. Thanks to the competence of its researchers, combined with the mastery of its technologies, Solabia offers its customers various complementary and additional expertise.

  • An innovation-oriented strategy
  • A set of complementary skills
  • A worldwide presence thanks to an extensive distribution network

Our know-how

Originally specialized in enzymatic hydrolysis, our group has quickly expanded its activities and know-how through its various acquisitions but also through the development of new innovative technologies.

Our commitments

ESG as a pillar of growth and innovation

biotechnologies chimie enzymatique culture de micro algues

More sustainable technologies



Sleeping Beauty by Solabia

The Sleeping Beauty By Solabia: Self-Care Redefined

The pursuit of well-being has emerged as a top priority for individuals worldwide. It aims to strike a balance between mental, emotional, and physical health, fostering a fulfilling and harmonious life. Central to this endeavor is the recognition of the significance of feeling comfortable in one’s own skin, both physically and mentally.