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High technology and naturalness at the service of innovation and beauty


[Standard Beauty Pearls]
Enriched with specific active ingredients selected by the Solabia group’s research (multifunction, anti-pollution, skin perfector, purifying, or exfoliating).

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perles blanches


[Semi-customizable colored Beauty Pearls]
4 axes of customization to give your product a strong personality.

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perles violettes


[100% customizable Beauty Pearls]
Full customization to create a totally new and exclusive product that will be the pillar of your range.

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perle crème

Solabia’s Beauty Pearls for decidedly emotional, elegant, and effective cosmetics

Solabia’s Beauty Pearls, the jewel of high-tech cosmetics made in France, are the result of over 30 years of expertise. Obtained one by one thanks to a high-precision macro-inclusion technology, their shape and size are perfectly reproducible.

  • Algi’Pearls technology, the first-generation pearl technology, are calcium alginate beauty pearls. Alginates are polysaccharides from marin origin obtained from alginic acid found in the algae cells membranes. Perfectly replicable in shape and size, calcium alginate gives to pearls their beautiful 3D architecture and are used for the inclusion of active ingredients.
  • Emul’Spheres® is an oil-rich pearl technology which incorporates an emulsifier-free emulsion into the alginate pearl. The addition of a natural gelling agent, the sclerotium gum, allows the inclusion of lipophilic ingredients, giving a softer, richer and more comfortable pearl.
  • The Fuse Pearl technology integrates agar-agar, a marin origin polysaccharide, which forms a complex inclusion matrix. This association of polysaccharides allows to obtain a pearl that melts on the skin upon application, with stronger stability and compatibility in formulation.

Creators of emotions and sensory pleasure, Solabia’s Beauty Pearls offer a real “wow” effect to your products! For the first time in the world, an Emospin study (emotional expertise laboratory) has demonstrated the undeniable positive emotion generated by the discovery and use of Solabia’s Beauty Pearls (vs. placebo)

Solabia’s Beauty Pearls offer a wide range of formulas to enhance your sensory and visual perception in serum, emulsion, mist, or mask form.

Take your formulas to a new dimension combining innovation and emotion with our 3 collections

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