Crazy Spheres®

Infinite possibilities of customization!

Through our offer of 100% customizable pearls, you can sublimate an emblematic active ingredient by integrating it into a precious pearl (water-soluble active ingredient of high molecular weight or liposoluble ingredient) thanks to Emul’Spheres® technology.

You can also distinguish yourself by the color of your pearls or by their size: small and delicate, or on the contrary bigger, and more opulent. The finish is also modular: choose pearlescent pearls for a luxurious product, transparent pearls for a light formula, or matte pearls for a timeless elegance. We also offer you the possibility of staying true to your brand’s olfactory signature by integrating your choice’s fragrance into the pearl’s heart.

Finally, Solabia offers to integrate your pearls into a fully customizable serum for a ready-to-use product.


To meet the growing consumer demand for a more natural, safer, and more environmentally friendly beauty, Solabia’s Research has created Emul’Spheres®. This new pearl technology that integrates 5 times more lipophilic ingredients (vegetable oils, oily macerates, emollients, active ingredients of your choice) into an emulsion without emulsifiers, so that only the essential is left: the care of your skin. Softer and silkier, these premium pearls also offer an optimized sensoriality.

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