Innovation at the heart of Solabia cosmetics

The expertise of its researchers, combined with the mastery of its technologies, allows Solabia to offer its customers different complementary and additional know-how. Indeed, we owe the diversity of our products to the multiplicity of our technologies and expertise:

  • Biotechnology
  • Green chemistry
  • Vegetal & Marine
  • Macro-inclusion
nature expérience

A center of excellence in the beauty industry

Innovation is, therefore, at the heart of all the company’s processes. As a French group, it is due to its 5 production sites throughout France Solabia offers Made in France ingredients of consistent quality, combining nature and technology.

Within the group, BioEurope is the research and development center. As an active member of Cosmetic Valley, BioEurope participates in numerous research programs in collaboration with manufacturers, universities, and laboratories to better understand the biological mechanisms of the skin and the active ingredients they develop.

Today, our solutions meet the needs of a constantly evolving market and its requirements regarding traceability, sourcing, naturality, transparency, performance, and safety.

By relying on this universe combining naturality, technology, sensoriality, and emotions, we strive to make the Solabia Group’s Cosmetics division a motivating center of excellence for the beauty industry.

Our different expertise

Present in more than 40 countries, Solabia Group’s cosmetics division offers a wide range of ingredients thanks to its high innovation potential. Among its attributes are the international recognition of its R&D center, BioEurope, as well as the diversity of its technologies and the industrial mastery of its production units.

The diversity of our products is the result of our groups complementary know-how and expertise.


Biotechnology is an integral part of Solabia’s foundations, covering all its divisions and contributing to the worldwide reputation of our group. Applicable to the skin, biotechnology includes all processes that use or modify plants and/or microorganisms to develop cosmetic active ingredients with biological activity for the skin.

Within the Solabia group, we have three biotechnological technologies at our disposal to meet current requirements in terms of quality and innovation: fermentation (obtaining polysaccharides), enzymatic biocatalysis (obtaining oligosaccharides, ceramide analogs or oligopeptides) and enzymatic bioconversion (obtaining extracts enriched in polyphenol dimers).

Green chemistry

In pursuit of naturality and transparency, industries tend to innovate sustainably and respectfully. In cosmetics, green chemistry consists of designing a biologically active molecule via an environmentally friendly chemical reaction that uses neither solvents nor chemical additives.

Based on this expertise, Solabia group researchers have developed L-PCA (obtained by thermal cyclization). Coupled with other active molecule (mineral salts, amino acids, or fatty alcohols), they form multifunctional complexes.

Vegetal & Marine

Solabia Group focuses its efforts on offering active ingredients and extracts from certified raw materials, responsible sourcing, and sustainable agriculture.

The traceability of the materials used in our ingredients is at the heart of our concerns: we support our suppliers in their daily work to offer exceptional ingredients to our customers. And to best meet their various needs for innovation, our vegetal expertise is based on several technologies such as hydrodistillation, oily maceration, subcritical water extraction, supercritical CO2 extraction, cold pressing, and hydroglycolic extraction.

Solabia’s botanical expertise is complete and includes terrestrial and marine plants. Besides the marine plants, we also have two complementary offers: macro-algae and micro-algae.


Stemming from an expertise recognized for more than 30 years, the Beauty Pearls by Solabia are symbols of perfection and purity but also of luxury. They are obtained one by one from know-how Made in France and a high precision macro-inclusion technology.

The Beauty Pearls by Solabia are visually seductive, attractive, and sensorial at the same time as well as when they melt on the skin’s surface. As serum, emulsion, mist, or mask, The Beauty Pearls by Solabia offer new gestures and galenic forms in three dimensions combining efficiency, naturality, and sensoriality.

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