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Cosmetics By Solabia

Solabia is a key player in the cosmetics industry thanks to its ingredients inspired by nature and enhanced by cutting-edge technologies, reflecting its desire to enhance the beauty of skin and hair.

Active Ingredients

A pioneer in the cosmetics industry for 50 years, the Solabia Group provides its customers with a very extensive catalog of active ingredients in compliance with current requirements in terms of sourcing, traceability, naturality, performance, safety, and regulations.

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saveurs fruits et arômes

Plant extracts

With a broad and internationally recognized phytochemical expertise, the Solabia Group highlights the best of what nature has to offer with a vegetal catalog of nearly 200 plants worldwide.

Beauty Pearls

For a holistic sensory experience…

flocons perles jaune et violettes

Our know-how

The Solabia Group has a very varied range of ingredients thanks to its strong innovation potential. The expertise of its researchers, combined with the mastery of its technologies, allows Solabia to offer you different complementary and additional know-how.

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Recognized as a universal and multifunctional reference in cosmetics, Fucogel® has both active and sensory properties essential for quick and easy access to cutaneous well-being.



Sleeping Beauty by Solabia

The Sleeping Beauty By Solabia: Self-Care Redefined

The pursuit of well-being has emerged as a top priority for individuals worldwide. It aims to strike a balance between mental, emotional, and physical health, fostering a fulfilling and harmonious life. Central to this endeavor is the recognition of the significance of feeling comfortable in one’s own skin, both physically and mentally.

Upcycling Beauty: When Waste Becomes Active

Upcycling, also known as repurposing, is an approach gaining popularity in various industrial sectors, including the beauty industry. Aligned with the circular beauty movement, upcycling offers a new perspective on resource recovery by transforming waste into valuable products. This approach meets the growing expectations of consumers who, since the pandemic, are shifting towards a more responsible, sustainable, and committed consumption pattern. Moreover, the increased demand for transparency in the cosmetics field has driven companies to prioritize natural ingredients sourced locally and responsibly, in the creation of environmentally-friendly products.

Cosmétique minérale et fonction barrière

PCA Salts: The authenticity and power of mineral cosmetics

Today, more than ever, we seek to get back to the essentials, to refocus on what truly matters in a world filled with turmoil and uncertainties. This quest for simplicity, authenticity, security, and well-being extends to our skin. Skin well-being begins with optimal hydration, enabling our skin to fulfill its fundamental role as a protective barrier. It is in this context that PCA, a revolutionary molecule, becomes all the more meaningful. In this article, we delve into the heart of PCA and its salts, exploring their crucial importance in the formulation of skincare products. Discover how these unique compounds have become indispensable for healthy and radiant skin.


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