PCA Salts: The Authenticity and Power of Mineral Cosmetics

Today, more than ever, we seek to get back to the essentials, to refocus on what truly matters in a world filled with turmoil and uncertainties. This quest for simplicity, authenticity, security, and well-being extends to our skin.

Skin well-being begins with optimal hydration, enabling our skin to fulfill its fundamental role as a protective barrier. It is in this context that PCA, a revolutionary molecule, becomes all the more meaningful. In this article, we delve into the heart of PCA and its salts, exploring their crucial importance in the formulation of skincare products. Discover how these unique compounds have become indispensable for healthy and radiant skin.

What it is PCA?

PCA (L-Pyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid) is a physiological molecule discovered over a century ago. It is mainly found in the skin, particularly in the stratum corneum.
It is one of the main components of the skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF). A universal and naturally biocompatible active ingredient, this reference moisturizer is also one of the constituents guaranteeing skin barrier function. By meeting the skin’s fundamental needs in terms of hydration and protection in this way, PCA contributes to the good skin integrity and improves its comfort and well-being.

PCA is the “little black dress” of cosmetics: a “basic” which everyone should have in their “wardrobe” and which, with different accessories, is suitable for every occasion. Thanks to its carboxyl function, PCA may be combined with another active molecule to form a complex.

A real asset for skin

PCA, derived from beet molasses, is combined with different minerals, also of natural origin, to obtain active ingredients that combine effectiveness and transparency: PCA salts.
PCA salts have thus found a special place in skin care due to their multifaceted benefits. By combining the inherent qualities of PCA with those of mineral salts such as manganese, zinc or calcium, the result is super-powerful biomineral complexes. These complexes offer not only hydration and support for the skin barrier, but also the energizing, antioxidant or sebum-regulating effects of the associated mineral.


Solabia’s offer

Solabia Group is the European leader in PCA (Pyroglutamic Acid) on the cosmetic, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical markets, thanks to its perfect mastery of the manufacturing process and a research program aimed at continually improving the understanding of PCA’s involvement in cutaneous physiology.

We provide our customers with a wide and varied range of products to meet the different needs of the skin:

  • Moisturizing: NALIDONE® (sodium PCA) and KALIDONE® (potassium PCA) are complementary moisturizers that revitalize skin from within and regulate moisture balance.
  • Antioxidant protection: MANGALIDONE® (manganese PCA) contributes to cellular longevity by stimulating the skin’s natural defenses.
  • Purity and matte finish: ZINCIDONE® (zinc PCA) and CUIVRIDONE® (copper PCA) work in tandem to regulate sebum production, reduce inflammation and tighten pores.
  • Energy: MAGNOLIDONE® (magnesium PCA) combats stress and tired skin.
  • Restructuring: CALCIDONE® (calcium PCA) stimulates cell differentiation and epidermal lipid production.
Mineral Cosmetics & Barrier Function

Synergy of PCA salts: Unique combinations for radiant skin

PCA salts may also be combined with each other, or with plant extracts:

PHYSIOGENYL®: A blend of sodium, magnesium, manganese and zinc PCA

A global mineral-booster to stimulate energy, growth, and metabolism of the cells.

AQUAREGUL K®: A blend of potassium PCA and cactus stem extract

“Triple action” moisturizer, intra- & extracellular water flow osmoregulator.

MG-RELAX® : A blend of magnesium PCA with blue lotus and white lotus extracts

An ideal relaxing and regenerating Yin-Yang complex to combat stress in preventing the first visible signs of aging.

The use of PCA salts is universal! 

Purifying zinc and copper PCA, energizing magnesium PCA, restructuring calcium PCA, antioxidant manganese PCA and finally moisturizing sodium and potassium PCA; the right PCA salt for all your formulas! They are moreover suitable for both men and women, regardless of age, skin type and phototype. Ranging from face or body care to hair products, including sunscreen or even make-up, PCA salts therefore are an essential part of all your cosmetic formulas.  

Beyond these numerous applications, PCA salts can also be included in all kinds of cosmetic forms (gel, emulsion, gel-cream, lotion, mist, foam, and powder, …).

However, owing to their electrolyte nature, some essential knowledge is required in order to overcome the formulation difficulties specific to all electrolytes (precipitate, turbidity, decrease in viscosity, …).

To assist you in the handling of PCA salts, Solabia provides you the results of an extensive formulation study and offers you a wide range of solutions and formula examples  to make PCA formulation a real pleasure!

The ultimate secret? Strengthening the skin from the inside!

In the field of skincare, the journey towards holistic well-being has converged with scientific advancements in PCA salts research. These three letters – PCA – carry the weight of transformation, offering a unique path to enhance skin health and beauty.

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