Action mechanism

Multi-benefit complex, Zincidone® combines the properties of L-PCA, in particular its action on the reinforcement of the cutaneous barrier, with the virtues of Zinc, universally recognized for its purifying and sebum-regulating action, but also for its anti-inflammatory and healing effects, as well as its protective properties of the immune system. Zincidone® therefore offers skin and hair the combined beauty benefits of Zinc and L-PCA:
• Zinc inhibits 5 α-reductase to limit sebum production. The skin is clearer and matified, the hair lighter. It also makes it possible to fight against the fall of the latter
• Zinc is recognized for its antibacterial properties, in particular towards C. acnes. The skin is purer, healthier, blemish are diminished
• PCA hydrates and protects the barrier function. Cutaneous integrity is optimized in order to regain comfort and wellbeing
• PCA also improves the dose of active ingredient penetrating into the skin, efficiency is optimized.


• Care for oily and acne-prone skin
• Care for oily hair and scalp
• Mattifying care
• Immunity booster care
• Irritated skin care


INCI/CTFA name: Zinc PCA
Preservative: none
Regulations: authorized for use in EU, USA, Japan, China and under conditions in Australia and Canada
Raw material verified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE according to the COSMOS standard
Naturality: content of natural origin >95% (ISO 16128)


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