Peptones & Hydrolysates

Consistency, Reliability, Certifications, Performance: Modern Peptone Manufacturing…makes a difference.

Our Products

Non-animal products that integrate non-allergen and non-GMO characteristics, Kosher & Halal certified, animal peptones that include a wide range of porcine products to eliminate BSE concerns and a vast choice of casein peptones highlight the Solabia portfolio.

ADN peptone laboratoire

Our Know-how

50+ years of experience producing peptones in modern, with efficient productions sites designed specifically for peptones, Solabia has the unique advantage of 2 separate, dedicated manufacturing facilities that eliminate the contamination concerns associated with mono-site facilities.


Download your Kosher or Halal certificate as well as other pertinent information like the White Paper on peptone consistency, allergen statements or EDQM certificates for bovine products. Technical flyers, promotional leaflets and other items might also be available depending on the reference. Some documents may require contacting Solabia regarding specific lot number, Pareve certificates by batch or Declaration of Access for EDQM.