SPA at Home, the new wellness experience

Have you ever dreamed of having your own spa at home? This is now possible thanks to our “Spa at home” box, a box containing treasures… We spend our time chasing precious time, and stress levels sometimes soar. To avoid these stressful situations, there is nothing like finding a little time to put things into perspective, breathe, and dream of an escape. The “Spa at home” box contains ten customizable face and body products inspired by the secrets of holistic and ancient beauty rituals. It combines two wellness routines: “Daily Care”, with adapted daily care, and “Weekend Care”, a relaxing ritual to really enjoy “me time”. Skin is rested, remineralized, and glowing!

Waterless Beauty, to take care of your skin and the planet

With its box of 8 products containing more than 95% natural-origin ingredients, Solabia now offers a complete beauty routine in harmony with Waterless beauty. It includes products in powder and solid form, leave-on cosmetics and dry formulas.

Exploring The Skin Microbiome

Our Body is a complex ecosystem, in constant interaction with the external environment. It is colonized by a set of microorganisms that coexist in a wide variety of habitats and form the microbiome…