Action mechanism

Coffea robusta owes its name to its ability to resist its environment thanks to its high concentration of xanthic bases (caffeine) and polyphenols. Robustyl® was designed to boost physical resistance and fight against bacterial aggressions on the skin in order to ensure good robustness and maintenance of its barrier function:
1. By ensuring the formation of a well-structured tissue with higher expression of genes coding for markers of differentiation
2. By promoting mechanical communication between cells, i.e. their cohesion, thanks to the stimulation of the synthesis of adhesion proteins, desmoglein, and its relocalization at the level of anchor junctions
3. By developing defenses against bacteria with the increase in the expression of a gene coding for an antimicrobial peptide.


• Protective/anti-aggression care
• Restructuring care
• Damaged skin care
• Body care


INCI/CTFA name: Butylene glycol (and) Water (and) Coffea robusta seed extract
Preservative: none
Regulations: authorized for use in EU, USA, China, Japan and under conditions in Australia and Canada


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