Bioeclians estomac

Action mechanism

Bioecolians®, the quality choice for optimal gut health, is backed by clinical and in-vitro studies. Bioecolians® makes it possible to:
1. Improve digestive comfort:
– Reduces the feeling of digestive discomfort (bloating, pain)
– Improves intestinal transit
– Promotes bacteria producing short-chain fatty acids
– Stimulates the growth of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria in the intestine
– Stimulates the production of b-defensins
2. Optimize your synbiotics: Using BioEcolians® in the formulation of synbiotics is an opportunity to provide an ideal substrate that stimulates probiotics growth without altering their stability due to low water activity.
– Water activity (Aw) of 0.16
– Stimulation of Lactobacilli and bifidobacteria growth compared to other prebiotics
3. Daily control of your weight: The physiological role of AMPK (AMP protein kinase) is to promote metabolic pathways producing energy at the expense of those leading to storage, resulting in a reorientation of energy metabolism. By activating AMPK, BioEcolians® contributes to increasing the dissipation of energy by promoting the use of lipids by the cell rather than their storage in adipocytes.


  • Liquid (drinks, syrups, etc.)
  •  Tablets
  •  Capsules
  •  Sachets
  •  Gummies


  • Excellent tolerance
  •  Thermally stable
  •  Stable at low pH
  •  No viscosity
  •  Low molecular weight
  •  100% soluble in water
  •  Tasteless, odorless and colorless
  •  Lactose and gluten free
  •  Suitable for vegans
  •  Non GMO Low Caloric value: 2 kcal/g
  •  Low water activity (Aw = 0.16); ideal for formulating synbiotics

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