Action mechanism

Kerastim® S acts in the restructuring of the hair fiber as it is a synthetic cystine, which promotes nutrition from the cuticle to the cortex, returning substantivity to the hair, having as main functions:
1. Increases cell energy due to its ability to enhance ATP production and metabolism in the hair bulb, inhibiting hair loss;
2. Improves hair nutrition, as it is composed of cystine – the main constituent dipeptide of keratin, fortifies hair fiber by increasing substantivity at the fiber and cortex;
3. Improves the quality of the scalp by increasing cell cohesion through stratum corneum compaction, providing more resistance to the hair and preventing the formation of dandruff;

Kerastim® S has a complete restructuring action of the capillary fibers acting from the cuticles (superficial portion) to the cortex (internal portion) by returning to the hair its main constituent, the perfect structure of the keratin protein, which was damaged by daily aggressions both from the environment and from the excessive use of chemical products, flat irons, dryers, etc.


• Nourishing care
• Anti-hair loss care
• Damaged hair care
• Scalp care
• Restructuring care
• Repairing care


INCI/CTFA name: Tetrasodium Disuccinoyl Cystine
Preservative: none
Regulations: authorized for use in EU, USA, Japan, Australia and Canada


Anti Hair Loss and Revitalizing Shampoo
ref.: 273

Formule Kerastim S


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