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Soy Peptone F



CONTEXT : This peptone is produced using "Identity Preserved" (IP) soy flour in order to bring non-GMO security. It is certified non-animal but is not without allergen issues due to the presence of soy protein. This product is certified Kosher DE. An identical Kosher Pareve Halal version is available under reference A163300.

APPLICATION : A product used primarily in fermentation, Soy Peptone F is characterized by good growth of a wide variety of microorganisms including yeast & molds. Produced through a proprietary process involving soy peptone and other non-animal components in order to provide optimal performance.  

Total Nitrogen = 10 ± 1,0%
Amino Nitrogen = 2,5 ± 0,5%
Sulfuric ash ≤ 17%
Chlorides ≤ 3,0%
Total sugars : 15 - 20%
pH (solution at 5%) : 7,0
Nitrites = negative
Indole = negative
Aflatoxins (B1, B2, G1, G2) < 2μg/kg (not routinely tested)

Aspartic acid : 73
Threonine : 23
Serine: 32
Glutamic acid : 119
Proline: 30
Glycine: 28
Alanine: 29
Cysteine: -
Valine: 37
Methionine : 5
Isoleucine: 25
Leucine: 45
Tyrosine: 13
Phenylalanine: 30
Histidine: 17
Lysine: 39
Arginine: 45
Tryptophan : -


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