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Microplate MUG/EC allows the practical identification and enumeration of Escherichia coli in water, according to ISO standard NF EN ISO 9308-3. 
The use of microtiter plates, with wells containing a specifically developed medium, was conceived for use in the analysis of several types of water, notably swimming and beach water in salt and fresh water, surface (still) water and post-treatment water. The method is applicable to all water samples, including those rich in suspended matter. For the enumeration of Escherichia coli, the microtiter technique with MUG has been recognized as a more specific, precise, and rapid compared to previously used method. By virtue of its role as an indicator microorganism of fecal contamination, this bacteria is of special interest due to its exclusively intestinal origin, which confers on it a more particular status as a priority bioindicator in water quality controls.


BT00108 - 25 microplates + 25 sterile, transparent adhesive covers


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