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While fucoxanthin offers excellent antioxidant benefits like many other carotenoids, its true value goes far beyond that. Seaweed consumption has always been considered one of the reasons for the superior health and longevity of certain Asian groups. In recent years, research institutes around the world have identified fucoxanthin as a major component of the health benefits of the Japanese diet. Indeed, this revolutionary natural ingredient offers many health benefits including its ability to improve blood sugar and inflammatory responses, as well as to support liver health.

FucoVital™, our exclusive product containing fucoxanthin, has been tested and approved by renowned researchers to be extremely powerful. We strongly believe in the continued exploration of this nature’s wonder to improve your quality of life. Order FucoVital™ now to enjoy all these health benefits!


  •  The first commercially available fucoxanthin derived from microalgae.
  • The only 3% fucoxanthin extract that targets the first stage of fatty liver disease.
  • The only fucoxanthin extract to benefit from a New Food Ingredient Notification (NDIN).
  • Sustainable production

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