Tryptone-Soy Broth is a universal nutrient medium suitable for a wide range of uses. In light of its excellent nutritive value, it favors the growth of most fastidious microorganisms. It is used in the pharmaceutical industry to satisfy sterility tests and its formula is that listed in the United States Pharmacopoeia for specific and non-specific germs. It responds also to the formulations described in quality control norms established for cosmetic products, as well as in animal health.


Ready-to-use medium :
BM03008 – 50 tubes of 10 mL
BM17908 – 10 vials of 90 mL
BM00908 – 10 vials of 100 mL
BM16608 – 2 flexible bags of 5 L

Dehydrated medium :
BK046HA – 500 g bottle
BK046GC – 5 kg drum


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