The Iron Sulfite Agar (ISA) (ISO 15213-1) is recommended for the enumeration of sulfite-reducing Clostridium spp.

Sulfite-reducing Clostridium spp. are obligate anaerobic, Gram-positive, spore-forming, rod-shaped bacteria. The most important species which belong to this group are Clostridium, C. perfringens, C. bifermentans and C. sporogenes. Some species can cause foodborne illness. As ubiquitous bacteria they are predominantly found in nature. The Clostridium species inhabit soils and the intestinal tract of animals and humans.

Sulfite-reducing Clostridium spp., including C. perfringens, are widely used as microbial indicators of clostridial contamination in the manufacturing of foods (e.g. meat production). These have the capacity to produce heat-resistant spores.
The typical composition corresponds to that defined in the standard NF EN ISO 15213-1.


Dehydrated media :

BK239HA – 500g bottle


Ready-to-melt media :

BM23508 – 10x200mL vials


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