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L-Pidolic acid


The Pidolic acid is the lactam of the glutamic acid. It is a physiological molecule that is found in the body and which participates to numerous biological processes as biochemical and metabolic intermediates.

Due to its natural presence in the body, the Pidolic acid is frequently used as vector favoring the bioavailability of the molecules linked to it such as minerals in the case of pidolates, but also organic molecules such as deanol or betaine.

However, it is not the unique application and it can be used as a chemical intermediate very commonly used in chemical and pharmaceutical synthesis.

The Pidolic acid exists under 2 enantiomeric forms (L and D) but we supply only the L form which is the biologically active one.

  • Grades available
  • - Acid L pidolic cristal
  • - Acid L pidolic pur (L>95%)
  • - Acid L pidolic ultrapur (L>99 %)


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