Solabia’s first post-pandemic peptone event

Solabia peptones were showcased in our first post-pandemic event : Recent Advances in Fermentation Technology  (Orlando, Florida) last November 2022.

Despite the arrival of a rare November hurricane (Nicole) towards the end of the show, the specialized RAFT®14 exhibition & symposia Nov. 6-9, 2022 brought together more than 300 people with ties to the fermentation industry and provided a unique opportunity to share news and tendencies that involve peptone use.

Non-allergen, Non-GMO peptones associated with Kosher and Halal certification remain criteria for selecting fermentation substrates, but the impact of Covid, rising raw material prices and the availability of certain specialized references like Acid Hydrolysate of Casein were also topics of discussion. The quality of the symposia on topics of pertinent interest, combined with a strong industry presence in the form of tabletop stands made for an excellent event.

See you at the upcoming edition of RAFT

The next edition is scheduled for Oct.29—Nov. 1, 2023 in Naples, FL and Solabia will be present.

RAFT® photos courtesy of the Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology (SIMB).