Expertise & Innovation

BioEurope is the Solabia group's Research and Development centre.

Thanks to its original expertise – driver of innovation – and a highly efficient scientific team of international calibre, BioEurope represents a driving force for the Solabia Group for its development in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, nutritional and biotechnology sectors.

Its perfect knowledge of the catalysis and enzymatic synthesis tool, enables its presence in the following sectors:
- microbiology;
- fermentation;
- extraction/purification;
- immobilisation of cells or enzymes;
- controlled hydrolysis of biopolymers;
- design of industrial bioreactors.

In addition, a unit specialised in plant extraction enables BioEurope to develop innovative extraction/purification technologies.

In order to be continually present in the field of innovation BioEurope benefits from close scientific collaboration with numerous university laboratories in France and overseas.

A cell culture laboratory and a formulation laboratory, to which is added a department dedicated to encapsulation, completes the BioEurope’s activities.