Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is an integral part of the SOLABIA Group's strategy. By placing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) among its priorities, the company confirms its commitment and determination to respond to the economic, social and environmental issues that contribute to building a more responsible future. We strive to ensure that the activities carried out by the group bring added value to all our stakeholders, and we are working to build trust with all of them, in order to open up the path towards a socially equitable, economically viable and environmentally friendly development.

As part of our activities, we value nature and biodiversity by using many raw materials derived from plant and marine resources that can come from protected areas. Therefore, we attach great importance to the traceability of resources and compliance with biodiversity laws. We work on a daily basis to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment by reducing our emissions and our consumption of natural resources, and by optimizing our waste management and recycling. And we are continuously engaged to improve safety of our employees through a policy of risk prevention, awareness and training. Every day, our research and development teams put innovation at the service of the environment, both to develop more eco-friendly processes and to reduce the environmental footprint of our products when they are used.

For further details on our commitment, you can download our sustainable development policy and our code of conduct or consult our environmental performance on the website which evaluates us annually.