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CONTEXT: This peptone is produced via enzymatic hydrolysis of pea protein. It is a 3N peptone : « Non-animal », « Non-GMO » and « Non-allergen ». It is therefore unconcerned with EU and other directives concerning GMO and allergen product labelling. A Kosher Pareve & Halal certified version is available under reference A253100.

APPLICATION : It is characterized by small molecular weight peptides of under 800 Daltons. This peptone has proven effective for the growth of fastidious bacteria and can in some circumstances substitute for meat products. It has also found applications as a supplement in Cell Culture or partial replacement of Fetal Calf Serum or BSA. Many other applications exist in industrial fermentation for enzyme production.

Total Nitrogen = 12 ± 1,0%
Amino Nitrogen = 4,0 ± 0,5%
Sulfuric ash ≤ 15%
Chlorides ≤ 2,0%
Total sugars < 5,0%
pH (solution at 5%) = 7,3
Aspect = light brown powder
Stability (2% solution) = stable
Solubility in water at 5% = total

Aspartic acid : 100
Threonine: 30
Serine: 14
Glutamic acid : 167
Proline: 37
Glycine: 37
Alanine: 39
Cysteine: 7
Valine: 40
Methionine: 9
Isoleucine: 37
Leucine: 63
Tyrosine : 29
Phenylalanine: 40
Histidine: 20
Lysine: 64
Arginine: 76
Tryptophan: 18


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