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CONTEXT: This peptone is considered non-animal and is not concerned by GMOs (European Directive 2001/18/CE). To the best of our knowledge, it is not subject to directives concerning allergens and therefore outside the scope of mandatory declaration for product labelling according to Annex IIIa of 2003/89/CE, updated by 2006/142/CE). This reference is certified Kosher DE. An identical Kosher Pareve & Halal certified product is available under separate reference A243100.

APPLICATIONS: Characterized by stability and clarity in solution, Potato Peptone is well adapted to the fermentation industry and for formulation into culture media. It can be used as a supplement as well for Cell Culture. It is particularly well adapted to the agro-food fermentation market, in light of its 3N status : “Non-animal”, “Non-GMO” and “Non-allergen”.

Total Nitrogen = 12 ± 1,0%
Amino Nitrogen = 3,0 ± 0,5%
Sulfuric ash ≤ 10%
Chlorides ≤ 3,0%
Total sugars < 3,0%
pH (solution at 5%) = 7,0
Aspect = light beige
Stability (solution at 2%) = stable
Solubility in water at 5% = total

Aspartic acid :  98
Threonine: 50
Serine: 46
Glutamic acid : 94
Proline: 42
Glycine: 42
Alanine: 45
Cysteine: 23
Valine: 48
Methionine : 20
Isoleucine: 41
Leucine: 78
Tyrosine: 43
Phenylalanine: 45
Histidine: 20
Lysine: 64
Arginine: 50
Tryptophan: 8


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