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CONTEXT : Tryptone USP, by definition, is an enzymatic digest of food grade lactic casein of NZ origin with French origin pancreatine. It is used in a wide range of culture media and is often associated with a soy peptone as in Casein Soy media, CASO or Tryptic Soy (agar or broths). Tryptone favors the growth of lactic bacteria as well as yeast & molds. Given the stability and conformity of the raw materials involved, Tryptone enjoys very little variability from batch to batch. At Solabia, this product is produced at both production sites (France / Brazil) to identical specifications in order to guarantee adequate volumes of this highly strategic component.  

APPLICATION : A classic peptone used in the production of dehyrdrated culture media of NZ origin. Tryptone can be used in many media references in industrial microbiology (lactic acid bacteria, probiotics, etc.) and in agro-food diagnostics (Listeria, Salmonella, Staphylococci...) as well as pharmaceutical fermentation (toxin production, biomass, etc.). 

Total Nitrogen = 12,5 ± 0,5%
Amino Nitrogen = 4,0 ± 1,0%
Sulfuric ash ≤ 17%
Chlorides ≤ 1,0%
Magnesium ≤ 1,0%
Calcium ≤ 1,0%
Tryptophan = positive
Nitrites = negative
Undigested proteins = positive
Proteoses = positive
Indole = negative

Aspartic acid : 63
Threonine: 40
Serine: 49
Glutamic acid : 163
Proline: 72
Glycine  19
Alanine: 29
Cysteine: -
Valine: 58
Methionine : 25
Isoleucine: 47
Leucine: 70
Tyrosine: 26
Phenylalanine: 50
Histidine: 30
Lysine: 74
Arginine: 34
Tryptophan: 12


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