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Bacteriological Malt Extract



CONTEXT : Bacteriological Malt Extract is not used as a typical peptone for its Nitrogen level, but rather for its carbohydrate and vitamin content. This association of sugars + vitamins + Nitrogen provides excellent fertility for a wide range of microorganisms.

APPLICATION : The carbohydrate level and vitamin content are exploited best in diagnostic culture media, and favor the growth, among others, of yeasts & molds like Aspergillus and Penicillium.

Aspect = white powder
Odor = characteristic
Sulfuric ash < 3,5%
Stability (5% solution) = stable
Maltose ≥ 7,0%
Loss on Drying < 6,0%
pH (5% in solution) = 4,9

Aspartic acid : 9
Threonine: 4
Serine: 4
Glutamic acid : 16
Proline: 6
Glycine : 4
Alanine: 4
Cysteine : -
Methionine : 2
Isoleucine: 5
Leucine: 6
Tyrosine: 3
Phenylalanine: 7
Histidine: 6
Lysine: 6
Arginine: 5
Tryptophan : -




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