FucoLife GR®


"Improves self-esteem and reveals femininity!"

FucoLife GR® is low molecular weight polysaccharide (mean molecular weight 11 kDa) obtained through a controlled bacterial fermentation from non-GMO vegetable substrates. It comprises galacturonic acid, L-fucose and D-galactose and is avaliable in the form of a powder (with a non-GMO maltodextrin carrier).

FucoLife GR® rejuvenates globally the skin of menopausal women by:
- Increasing the contraction force of fibroblasts, FucoLife GR® improves the repair capability of old skin and regenerates tissues in depth
- Modulating the synthesis of essential skin components, FucoLife GR® restores the dermis and epidermis structural integrity
- Improving cutaneous innervation and thickness, FucoLife GR® reduces the feeling of skin discomfort
By repairing deeply the skin, FucoLife GR® improves cutaneous comfort and visibly decreases signs of aging. Women feel better about themselves, they recover youth and femininity!

Preventive and curative anti-aging care
Anti-wrinkle care for mature skin (50 years old and over)
Treatment for hypersensitive and dry skins
Soothing care
Day and night care

INCI / CTFA name: Maltodextrine (and) Biosaccharide gum-3
Preservative: none
Recommended dose: 2%
Regulations: authorized for use in the UE, USA, Japon, China (IECIC 2015 et IECSC) and subject to conditions in Australia and Canada
COSMOS certification: pending


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