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« For a soothed and healthy scalp !»


Saniscalp® is an active ingredient from passion fruit seeds, Passiflora edulis, enriched in piceatannol dimers and obtained by enzymatic bioconversion (Laccase Technology patented by Solabia).
The research on Saniscalp® is part of a sustainable process and particularly the upcycling. It consists in the promotion of by-products, pressed seeds, which was intended to be thrown and to give them a second life with an original added value.

Saniscalp® acts on the basis of a healthy scalp for a global action:

1. Soothes the weakened scalp
by modulating inflammatory mediators and for a preventive and curative action
2. Improves the scalp barrier cohesion by regulating epidermal differentiation to manage desquamation
3. Reinforces scalp natural defense by limiting microbiota imbalances

By protecting the scalp from inflammation and fortifying the barrier and the natural defense, Saniscalp® offers a complete anti-dandruff protection for a strong, healthy and comfortable scalp.

Anti-dandruff care
Sensitive scalp care
Pre and post-hair dyes care
Hair styling care

INCI/CTFA Name: Propanediol (and) Water (and) Botrytis cinerea/Passiflora Edulis fruit extract/piceatannol ferment lysate filtrate
Recommended dose: 0.5 - 1%
Preservative: none
Regulatory status: authorized use in EU, USA, Japan and under conditions in Australia and Canada
China compliance: contact us


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