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CONFIRM’ Salmonella is a latex agglutination test that allows for the confirmation of presumed positive colonies of Salmonella, after purification.
CONFIRM’ Salmonella is also used as a means of confirmation in the context of the rapid, alternative method of Salmonella detection (IRIS Salmonella®), without a purification step, directly from a characteristic magenta colony isolated on IRIS media.
The IRIS Salmonella® method of Salmonella detection is certified by AFNOR Certification, under Attestation N° BKR 23/07 – 10/11.


BT01108 – Kit for 50 tests with Reagent R1 (Latex test) + Solution R2 (Positive Control) + Solution R3 (Negative Control) + disposable agglutination slides + disposable mixing batons.


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