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COMPASS® Bacillus cereus Agar is a solid medium used for the detection and the enumeration of spores and vegetative forms of presumptive species belonging to the group Bacillus cereus in products destined for human and animal consumption.
Detection or enumeration can be performed directly on this medium without purification steps, biochemical confirmation (glucose fermentation, Voges-Proskauer, nitrate reduction and hemolysis testing) and/or microscopic examination normally done within the confines of standardized methods (notably, ISO 7923 and ISO 21871).

COMPASS® Bacillus Plus Agar is obtaine by adding  nutritive supplement to COMPASS® Bacillus cereus Agar. This media permit to reduce the incubation time to 21h and it allows too the recovery of all strains of the Bacillus cereus group, including Bacillus cytotoxicus.

COMPASS® Bacillus cereus Agar and COMPASS® Bacillus Plus Agar are certified NF VALIDATION for the enumeration of Bacillus cereus group bacteria, without confirmation of colonies under the reference number BKR 23/06-02/10, of which the validity runs until February 5th, 2025.


Ready-to-use medium:
BM12608 - 20 Petri plates Ø 90 mm (COMPASS Bacillus cereus Agar)

BM21308 - 20 Petri plates Ø 90 mm (COMPASS Bacillus Plus Agar)

Ready-to-melt base medium:
BM13008 - 10 vials of 100 mL

Selective supplement:
BS06908 - 10 vials qsp 100 mL
BS08508 - 10 vials qsp 500 mL

Dehydrated base medium:
BK189HA - 500 g bottle

Nutritive Supplement: Sterile Egg Yolk Emulsion for COMPASS Bacillus Plus Agar

BS066 - BS06608 - 10 vials of 50 mL

Complete Supplement Bacillus Plus

BS09808 - 10 vials of 50 mL


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