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Salmonella Enrichment is a special formulation of Buffered Peptone Water that has been created and controlled for optimal detection of Salmonella in food products and feed.
Salmonella Enrichment with Tween®80 is used as enrichment medium for Salmonella analysis of products whose fat content exceeds 20%.


Ready-to-use medium:
BM13608 - 10 vials of 225 mL
BM13708 - 3 flexible bags of 3 L
BM14408 - 2 flexible bags of 5 L

Ready-to-use medium + Tween® 80:
BM16308 - 3 flexible bags of 3 L
BM19808 - 2 flexible bags of 5 L

Dehydrated medium:
BK194HA - 500 g bottle
BK194CG - 5 kg drum


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