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Innovations 2021 - part 2Sent: 06/10/2021

New launches

The Solabia Group has continued its research into the aging process and proposes for this second half-year two active ingredients with new data to strengthen their positioning, as well as an inspirational extract:-

Essenc'Age® is a 100% pure powder composed of low molecular weight fucoidans obtained from organic Ascophyllum nodosum harvested on the island of Ouessant. Essenc'Age® resynchronizes the physiological and biological clocks for a rejuvenated and vital skin. Essenc'Age® is now reinforced by new demonstrations to limit cellular senescence.

- Glycotensyl® is an optimized combination of two polysaccharides, alginate of marine origin and biosaccharide gum-4 of biotechnological origin. An immediate dual-effect tensor, lifting and sensorial. Glycotensyl® has recently demonstrated its ability to sublimate and smooth the skin instantly.

 - Cascara, also called the coffee cherry, is a product resulting from up-cycling that fits all skin and hair problems. Organic and Fairtrade raw material, the Solabia Group offers 4 extracts to meet all types of formulation: water, milk, an aqueous extract on glycerin, and a lipophilic extract.

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