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INNOVATION 2021 - How to adapt to the passage of time?Sent: 03/05/2021

Solabia adapts to all ages by offering dedicated and innovative biological solutions.

As we age, our skin evolves, undergoing more or less visible changes that affect our self-perception and well-being. At each stage of life, there are upheavals that are important to identify in order to adapt to this evolution in a perpetual search for well-being, by extension, well-aging. This is known as WellCare®.
The Solabia Group's research has focused on these changes by looking at the cellular biology processes of each stage of aging and thus proposing dedicated active ingredients:
- FucoLife GR®: a low molecular weight polysaccharide obtained by bacterial fermentation, available in powder form. By repairing the skin in-depth, FucoLife GR® improves skin comfort and visibly reduces the signs of aging. Women feel better in their body, they find youth and femininity!
- Essenc'Age®: 100% pure powder composed of low molecular weight fucoidans obtained from organic Ascophyllum nodosum harvested on the Ouessant island. Essenc'Age® resynchronizes the physiological and biological clocks for a rejuvenated and vital skin.
- Emul'Spheres®: 100% customizable beauty pearls that allow lipophilic ingredients to be incorporated into an emulsion without emulsifiers to keep only the essential: the care of your skin.
- Ecoskin®: Pro-Postbiotic which constitutes a preferential substrate for the feeding of the cutaneous commensal microorganisms. By acting directly on the bio-selectivity of the skin microbiome, Ecoskin® enhances the radiance of the complexion and reduces the feelings of discomfort.
- Adaptogenic plants: Solabia extends its range of adaptogenic plants obtained through SolaGreen® SuperFluids Technology with St. John's Wort, Echinacea, and Puncture Vine to sooth stressed skin and help prevent premature aging.

Focus On... FucoLife GR®:
FucoLife GR® is an eco-designed active ingredient specially dedicated to very dry and hypersensitive skin. Menopause is an obligatory passage for all women and brings its share of upheavals. Indeed, the hormonal fluctuations which result from it are translated by modifications of the cutaneous physiology and the emotional state within the deterioration of the self-esteem. FucoLife GR®, available in powder form & without preservatives, is obtained by a controlled fermentation process. Thanks to its great purity, this polysaccharide promotes skin regeneration by acting at the heart of the extracellular matrix. Thus, it significantly increases the thickness and density of the dermis from the first years of menopause, to prevent profound deleterious effects in the long term. Repaired, the skin is more comfortable and radiates youth. Moreover, in this particular period of a woman's life, FucoLife GR® reduces feelings of discomfort, allowing an improvement in self-esteem and mood. Women feel better about themselves and it shows!

Focus On... Essenc'Age®:
Essenc'Age® is an active ingredient composed of organic brown seaweed and harvested responsibly on the Ouessant island, a unique site classified as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. Ascophyllum Nodosum is known for its richness in fucoidans, whose low molecular weight has been selected by the Solabia group's research to create this active ingredient in powder form and without preservatives. These give it its skin rejuvenation and anti-fatigue properties. Thanks to its action on the senescence of the cells, Essenc'Age® acts as a true cellular protector to help the skin to adapt to the changes related to aging and the environment. Essenc'Age® significantly reduces the first signs of aging by a visible effect on the global wrinkles, fights effectively against the signs of fatigue thanks to a better resilience of the skin. With smoothed & strengthened skin, the physiological age and the biological age are resynchronized. The complexion is rested, fresh & radiant. The skin glows with youth!

Focus On... Emul'Sphers®:
With the launch of Emul'Spheres® technology, Solabia strengthens its position as a major player in the field of Skin Care Pearls. Thanks to two natural gelling agents that form a network around the micro-droplets of oil, this new pearl technology makes it possible to include 5 times more lipophilic ingredients (vegetable oil, oily active ingredient, emollient, etc.) than in first-generation Care Pearls, thus creating an emulsion without emulsifiers within each precious pearl. Richer, softer, and silkier, Emul'Spheres® are ideal for dry or sensitive skin, strengthening the hydrolipidic film and improving comfort while offering optimized sensoriality. Now presented through Emul'Spheres® Jojoba Oil, a prototype containing more than 95% of ingredients of natural origin, Emul'Spheres® technology is also fully customizable and can therefore be adapted to the customer's wishes for a 100% customized pearl!

Focus On... Ecoskin®:
Ecoskin® is an active ingredient combining two prebiotics and two postbiotic bacteria. As a carbon source, gluco-oligosaccharides -obtained by enzymatic synthesis- and fructooligosaccharides -derived from the pressing of yacon tubers- constitute a preferential substrate for the feeding of commensal skin microorganisms. Combined with lactobacillus-type postbiotics, they can rebalance the composition of the microbial flora for better skin defense. These data have been confirmed by new metagenomic studies conducted in vivo on the skin microbiota. In addition, Ecoskin® significantly increases the expression of anti-microbial peptides such as β-defensin 2 and β-defensin 3.
Thus, by acting directly on the bio-selectivity of the cutaneous microbiome, Ecoskin® enhances the radiance of the complexion and reduces the feelings of discomfort characteristic of sensitive skin with an oily tendency.

Focus On... Adaptogenic plants:
Solabia extends its range of adaptogenic plants obtained through SolaGreen® SuperFluids Technology with St. John's wort, Echinacea and Puncture Vine. Recognized for their stimulating and toning properties for the body and mind, they boost the defense systems to actively fight against the harmful effects of stress.
Composed of standardized and titrated extracts, the adaptogen range soothes stressed skin and helps prevent premature aging.

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