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Exploring the skin Microbiome: Innovative strategies to make your ecosystem happy!Sent: 13/04/2021

The microbiota: a key ally which needs protection!

Our body is a complex ecosystem, in constant interaction with the outside environment. It is colonized by a set of microorganisms that coexist in very diverse habitats. These microorganisms provide protection and play a role in many physiological phenomena. In return, our body provides them all the necessary elements to their survival: free water, carbon, nitrogen sources and microelements.

Many endogenous and exogenous disturbances can affect this host-microorganism relationship which can lead to imbalances. This then leads to the development of various disorders (At the skin level: atopic dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, dandruff, etc.). It is therefore necessary to ensure the microbiota balance, guardian of our body well-being and heath.
The SOLABIA Group research team drew its inspiration from the biotechnology by firstly studying the sources of  carbon metabolized by the commensal microorganisms in the human body.

In fact, Solabia offers 4 main solutions:
Bioecolia®, launched over 30 years ago, feeds the microbiota
Ecoskin®, an innovative pre- and postbiotic, strengths the skin natural defenses
- Teflose®,a bacterial anti-adhesion shield acting on oily skin, sensitive skin & body hygiene
Saniscalp®, a rebalancing scalp purifier

Composed of a sequence of glucose units, prebiotics are the favorite substrate for feeding our body microorganisms. Obtained according to enzyme biocatalysis from vegetable substrates, Bioecolia® provides the source of carbon for most of the microorganisms and is mainly metabolized by the commensal microorganisms of our ecosystem. This selectivity is due to the presence of specific connections that enable a faster and more efficient use of glucose by our flora. This competitive inhibition limits the development of pathogens responsible for dysbiosis. Thus, by acting globally on the microbiomes of skin, scalp and mucous membranes, Bioecolia® is the guardian of our ecosystem.

With the interest of probiotics in nutrition, Solabia has continued its research and developed a symbiotic active ingredient, combining two prebiotic and two postbiotic bacteria in an inactivated form plant origin to obtain Ecoskin®. In addition to the ability of the complex to interact on microbiota bio-selectively, the gluco-oligosaccharides and fructo-oligosaccharides, have demonstrated stimulatory properties of the synthesis of antimicrobial peptides of types β-defensin2 and β-defensin3. By improving the appearance and comfort of the skin, Ecoskin® enhances the radiance of the complexion and reduces the sensations of discomfort characteristic of sensitive and dry skin.

The colonization of the cutaneous area and mucous membranes uses adhesion factors associated with specialized structures present on the surface of the bacteria. These have the ability to bind to skin-specific receptors to limit the adhesion of pathogenic bacteria and the formation of biofilms. Thus Teflose®, a polysaccharide with a high concentration of rhamnose, was developed. This molecule plays the role of a shield on the surface of the skin (anti-adhesion) and thus reduces the resulting discomfort reactions. Ubiquitous because of its applications (soothing care, deodorant care, care of sensitive skin / atopic dermatitis, oily skin care), Teflose® can be combined with prebiotics, favoring the maintenance of the microbiota and shielding the implantation of pathogenic bacteria, especially if the ecosystem of the skin is weakened.

Acting on the basis of a healthy scalp, Saniscalp® is an active ingredient from passion fruit seedcake, enriched in piceatannol dimers and obtained by enzymatic bioconversion (Laccase Technology patented by Solabia). Saniscalp® soothes the weakened scalp by modulating inflammatory mediators for a preventive and curative action, improves the scalp barrier cohesion by regulating epidermal differentiation to manage desquamation and reinforces scalp natural defense by limiting microbiota imbalances.
By protecting the scalp from inflammation and fortifying the barrier and the natural defense, Saniscalp® offers a complete anti-dandruff protection for a strong, healthy and comfortable scalp.

The development of scientific knowledge about the role of the human microbiota has led to a change in the approach of the cosmetic industry. While only yesterday microorganisms were perceived negatively because they were considered as the cause of many diseases, today mentalities have changed. Henceforth, it is important to consider the microbiome as an integral part of the skin. Many promising avenues remain to be explored and will undoubtedly change our approach to the skin and the ingredients we use to provide protection and to nurture its well-being. More than ever, Solabia Group’s specialization in Microbiome is part of this initiative over 30 years ago, thanks to its signature active ingredients: Bioecolia®, Ecoskin®, Teflose® and Saniscalp®.

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