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Cosmetic Products leverage the Effects of Fitness on your Wellbeing!Sent: 03/02/2021

Regular exercise keeps our skin looking youthful, radiant and healthy! In fact, fitness, as part of a holistic lifestyle where mental wellbeing, beauty & nutrition are intertwined, comes with numerous physiological skin benefits:
-       Oxygenating effect
-       Energy-boosting effect
-       Detoxifying effect

These effects can be amplified by using the right cosmetic products. Solabia identified the key ingredients for effective skin scare before, during & after sports, these are:
-       Adaptogenic plants
-       Astaxanthin
-       PCA salts

Skin cells need to be trained just like our body does. Solabia let nature be the inspiration to find the most genuine training program. Hereby, our first ingredients to rely on are adaptogenic plants which have regulating & rebalancing properties acting on common response pathways to strengthen the body’s resistance and to minimize cutaneous fatigue. For fitness cosmetics, two plants have shown to be ideal: Rhodiola, an ultra-resistant plant that assures vitality and strength & Siberian Ginseng, plant of longevity which stays protected even in difficult climates. For cosmetic formulations, Solabia obtains the respective Glycerolat® SFT plant extracts through SolaGreen® SuperFluids Technology (subcritical water extraction).

Oxidative stress in another key word for athletes. Exercise increases the production of reactive oxygen species that can overcome the body’s antioxidant defences and cause oxidative stress.  Astaxanthin is the most potent natural antioxidant on the market and acts in cosmetics as a defence mechanism for the skin’s vital functions. For cosmetic products, Solabia offers AstaPure® Skin.

The last key ingredients are PCA Salts which replenish electrolytes lost during physical exercise. They can moisturize and boost the mineral content of the skin. There is an array of PCA Salts within Solabia’s portfolio like zinc PCA, magnesium PCA, sodium PCA and more.

Used correctly in cosmetics, all these active ingredients can work wonders for athletes.

How formulations can boost the beauty benefits of exercise?

Thanks to its pack of product containing more than 95% natural-origin ingredients, Solabia now offers an inside & outside beauty routine, suitable for men and women fitness enthusiasts, to boost the beneficial effects of exercise, while protecting the skin from minor complaints (release of free radicals in the cells, inherent in energy production, friction which can cause irritation, together with skin dehydration and mineral depletion, etc.).
These 12 nomadic products to slip into your gym bag will accompany you before, during and after sport.

Click below to download the full formulation guide!
Don’t hesitate to contact your sales representative or email at contact.cosmetics@solabia.com to receive your free box of formulations (12 cosmetic products).

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