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The Solabia Group reinforces Its presence in BrazilSent: 22/04/2020

The Solabia Group has been present in Brazil for over 20 years with 2 production sites in Maringa, Paraná. Solabia announces the acquisition of the Brazilian firm Laborclin, located in Curitiba, Paraná.

The Solabia Group is a privately held French company specialized in the production of natural active ingredients for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and agro-food industries. With 7 production sites (4 in France, 1 in Israel and 2 in Brazil), commercial subsidiaries in the United States and in Germany as well as R & D facilities at several locations, Solabia is a major force in its specialized markets on both American continents, in Europe and in Asia.

Under its brand Biokar Diagnostics, the decision to reinforce its diagnostic microbiology pole strengthens the overall offer for the media division, already a European leader in culture media and reagents. These products are used by control laboratories in the agro-food industry, in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, human and animal health, and for the analysis of water and environmental samples.

Biokar Diagnostics designs, manufacturers and commercializes several hundred tons of dehydrated culture media per year, representing over 200 different references. Its 50-year experience in media formulation is highlighted by the manufacture and use of peptones and protein hydrolysates made internally within the group.

The numerous dehydrated media compositions are transformed into a large line of ready-to-use formats; tubes, vials, bags and pre-poured Petri dishes, but also in detection kits and freeze-dried supplements and reagents. These tools allow a wide range of analysis from simple bacterial detection and identification to the confirmation of pathogens harmful to human health.

Biokar Diagnostics products are found in thousands of laboratories in over 50 countries around the world. This notoriety is due in a large part to the quality of its products and the innovative solutions they provide.

With the acquisition of Laborclin, the group reinforces the industrial tools needed for production and its capacity in research and development, bolsters its product portfolio and creates new commercial perspectives that will exploit the optimization and combination of a complementary distribution network now at the disposal of both organizations.

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