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2020 INNOVATION - Solabia strengthens skin barriers for holistic beautySent: 16/04/2020

First active line of defense, the skin is organized into different dynamic protective barriers acting on all fronts to face many daily aggressions. Whether microbiological, physical or biological, each of them contributes to maintain skin integrity and wellbeing. Balancing, strengthening, harmonizing and preserving are thus among the “global anti-aging” targets of beauty innovations highlighted by Solabia Group:
- To balance the microbiome with new metagenomic data obtained in vivo on Bioecolia®
- To reinforce with Invincity® Powder thanks to new biological activities that protect against Urban'aging and offered in a new eco-friendly galenic powder form
- To harmonize by countering adip'aging thanks to ReVYskin®, active ingredient obtained by an eco-extraction with SolaGreen® subcritical water from Goji berries
- To preserve with the deployment of the SolaPearls® range (Macro-encapsulation by Solabia) without phenoxyethanol.

Not to mention the launch of two trendy, inspirational extracts: cactus water and Himanthalia salt, as well as AstaPure® Skin, an antioxidant concentrate obtained from Astaxanthin. This Astaxanthin comes from a micro-algae, Haematococcus pluvialis, developed and cultivated within the new entity of the Solabia group, Algatech.


Focus On… Bioecolia®:

Bioecolia® is a prebiotic, α-glucan oligosaccharide, obtained by a process of enzymatic biocatalysis . Its structure, composed of glucose units linked together, constitutes a preferential substrate for feeding the microorganisms in our body. The selectivity of Bioecolia® is linked to the presence of specific binding agents, which allow our flora to use glucose more quickly and efficiently.  By competitive inhibition, this bioselectivity thus makes it possible to avoid dysbiosis phenomena. These data have been confirmed by new metagenomic studies performed in vivo on the skin microbiota. Moreover, Bioecolia® can strengthen our body's natural defenses by stimulating the production of antimicrobial peptides, key markers of immunity. By acting globally on the microbiomes of the skin, intestines, vagina and scalp, Bioecolia® is the guardian of our ecosystem!


Focus On… Invincity® Powder:

Invincity® Powder is a marine active ingredient obtained from an organic brown alga, Ascophyllum nodosum, and dedicated to protecting the skin against urban ageing. Its unique properties are attributed to specific and highly purified sulfated polysaccharides: fucoidans. Thus, Invincity® Powder acts globally on premature aging by reinforcing the skin barrier to fight against all forms of pollutants (inside & outside) for a radiant, moisturized and visibly younger looking skin.

This eco-designed active ingredient responds to CSR criteria including water and environmental footprint management. In powder form, it is also preservative-free.

In a few words:
- Unique sourcing classified as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO
- Eco-friendly powder without preservatives and allowing management of water resources
- Global anti-pollution activity reinforcing the skin barrier for a microbiome-friendly action


Focus On… ReVYskin®:

ReVYskin® is an eco-designed active ingredient from the superfruit par excellence: the goji berry. Obtained by a sustainable subcritical water extraction, it counteracts the adipocyte loss linked to aging, also called Adip’aging. In vivo, ReVYskin® revitalizes eye-contour area by rebalancing the volume of the valley of tears and eye bags ; redensifies the skin by improving the deep firmness of face and limits skin sagging by lifting the face oval and neck.

In a few words:
- Sustainable subcritical water extraction by SolaGreen®
- Harmonization of eye contour
- Recovery of a youthful V & Y shape


Focus On… SolaPearls®:

Jewel of high cosmetic made in France, the SolaPearls® range offers a holistic beauty experience that combines Efficacy, Elegance, Emotion, Sensoriality and Naturalness.

These beauty care pearls are obtained from a high-precision macro-inclusion technology. They are composed of calcium alginate forming their 3D architecture, the setting for the active ingredients.

These pearls of natural origin are 100% care. They concentrate efficiency and sensoriality and transport your formulas into a new emotional dimension. These cosmetic gems are now available without phenoxyethanol.

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