Bacteriological Meat

Bovine meat peptone

This reference comes with EDQM certification in order to allow its use in human and veterinary pharmaceutical products.
Total Nitrogen = 12,0 ± 1,0%
Amino Nitrogen = 4,0 ± 1,0%
pH = 6,5 – 7,5
Sulfuric ash ≤ 17%
Chlorides = 1,5 ± 0,5%
Loss on Drying = ≤6%


Aspartic acid : 82
Threonine: 31
Serine: 29
Glutamic acid : 96
Proline: 41
Glycine: 72
Alanine: 54
Cysteine: –
Valine: 49
Methionine: 8
Isoleucine: 31
Leucine: 60
Tyrosine: 12
Phenylalanine: 38
Histidine: 20
Lysine: 65
Arginine: 37
Tryptophan: –


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