Let there be light!

Omegalight® is a novel and patented combination of piperonyl alcohol and linoleic acid in the form of an ester, obtained via enzymatic reaction. These two molecules have been selected for their well-known lightening properties or having similar structures to chemicals sharing these properties (e.g. kojic acid). They have been designed in a form of conjuguate to optimize their bioavailability and effectiveness while providing safety for users and benefits in formulation (no color impact, color stability…).

By offering a specific mechanism to regulate melanogenesis within the nucleus, via the PPAR pathway (with a triple affinity for the α,δ and γ pathways), Omegalight® has proven to be an effective inhibitor of the key enzymes (tyrosinase and TRP-1) and of melanin production, including when responding to stress. Regulating melanogenesis on multiple levels, without destroying the melanocytes, while also moderating inflammatory responses, results in a substantial decrease after just 28 days to the signs of hyperpigmentation (dark spots), not only on the surface but also at deeper levels, while also preventing new disorders from forming. The complexion is left generally brighter and more radiant!

Depigmenting/lightening treatment
Anti-dark spot treatment
Specific treatment for the décolleté and hands
Anti-aging treatment

INCI/CTFA name: Dicaprylyl ether (and) Safflower seed oil piperonyl esters
Usage dose: 2%
Preservative system: none
Regulatory status: authorized for use in EU, USA, Japan and subject to conditions in Australia and Canada.
China compliance: available reference, contact us.


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