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IRIS Salmonella® is an alternative research method of Salmonellae in human food and feeds, and environmental sample (except primary production samples).
Studies performed on IRIS Salmonella® Agar show a high specificity for the detection of Salmonellae including atypical species and serovars, which is a source of confusion on other medium.
Indeed, the detection of Salmonella Typhi and Paratyphi, lactose-positive Salmonellae (Salmonella Senftenberg and subspecies S. arizonae and S. diarizonae), saccharose-positive strains are ensured.
The media allows the detection of non-motile serovars (S. Pullorum and S. Gallinarum) or monophasic strains. IRIS Salmonella® Agar allows also the detection of strains which show a light or absence of esterasic activity on other medium (Salmonella bongori, Salmonella Dublin and Atento, certain strains of S. enterica, S. houtenae and S. diarizonae subspecies).
IRIS Salmonella® method is officially certified by AFNOR Certification, under the reference number BKR 23/07-10/11, for all human and animal food products and production and production environment samples (excluding primary production environment samples).
IRIS Salmonella® is also validated for the detection of Salmonellae in samples from 50 g to 375 g for milk powder, including infant milk with and without probiotics and from 50 g to 125 g for flours and croquettes in animal feedstuffs.


IRIS Salmonella Agar:
BM16008 - 20 Petri plates Ø 90 mm
BM16108 - 120 Petri plates Ø 90 mm
BK212HA - 500 g bottle

Salmonella Enrichment:
BK194HA - 500 g bottle
BK194GC - 5 kg drum
BM13608 - 10 vials of 225 mL
BM13708 - 3 flexible bags of 3 L
BM14408 - 2 flexible bags of 5 L

Salmonella Enrichment + Tween® 80:
BM16308 - 3 flexible bags of 3 L

IRIS Salmonella Supplement (for Salmonella Enrichment):
BS07808 - 10 vials of 50 mL
BS07708 - 120 tablets qsp 225 mL
BS09308 - 120 tablets qsp 90 mL

Kit of Latex agglutination test:
BT01108 - CONFIRM’ Salmonella


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