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Tryptone Sulfite Cycloserine Agar was described by Harmon for the selective isolation and enumeration of Clostridium perfringens in water and food samples. The medium was recommended for the enumeration of sulfur-reducing anaerobes from foods of animal origin.


Ready-to-melt base medium (without D-cycloserine):
BM07708 - 10 vials of 200 mL
BM03908 - 50 tubes of 20 mL

Dehydrated base medium (without D-cycloserine):
BK031HA - 500 g bottle

D-cycloserine Lyophilisate Supplement :
BS00608 - 10 vials qsp 500 mL

D-cycloserine Liquid Supplement :
BS09208 - 10 vials of 90 mL (qsp 9 L)
BS09408 - Vial of 50 mL (qsp 5 L)


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