For a quick and sustained hydra-lifting
Solabia Group Research innovates and creates SolaLift®. These ultra-sensory beauty pearls contain a double-action hydra-lifting concentrate, that embellishes the complexion and improves skin quality in just ten minutes, while ensuring a lasting effect, for a beautiful skin day after day.
This “Beautiful skin” effect is guaranteed with these second-skin pearls which combine Efficacy, Naturalness, Elegance, and Emotion.

SolaLift® are white iridescent skin perfecting pearls belonging to the SolaPearls® range.
They are made using high-precision macro-inclusion technology. This high-quality process allows to make each pearl individually with perfect reproducibility. SolaPearls® are the jewel of made in France high-tech cosmetics. The inclusion matrix of these premium beauty pearls contributes to the product’s caring effect and its sensory experience.

SolaLift®, an ultra-sensory hydra-lyfting tri-saccharide complex:
Biosaccharide gum-4: To form a 3D network on the surface of the skin for an immediate lifted feeling and tightening effect
Hyaluronic acid: To intensely moisturize the skin and smoothe fine lines and wrinkles for visibly younger looking skin
Polysaccharide of marine origin forming the 3D shape of the pearl luxury case for smoothing active ingredients: To complete the skin-perfecting effect of the active ingredients (moisturizing and softening properties) while providing its sensory qualities

Available in 2 versions
> SolaLift®: Aqua/Water (and) Glycerin (and) Propanediol (and) Phenoxyethanol (and) Calcium alginate (and) Biosaccharide gum-4 (and) Sodium hyaluronate (and) Xanthan gum (and) Citric acid (and) Synthetic fluorphlogopite (and) CI 77891/Titanium dioxide (and) Tin oxide
> SolaLift® WP (without phenoxyethanol): Aqua/Water (and) Glycerin (and) Propanediol (and) 1,2-hexanediol (and) Calcium algi­nate (and) Biosaccharide gum-4 (and) Phenylpropanol (and) Sodium hyaluronate (and) Xanthan gum (and) Synthetic flurophlogopite (and) Ethylhexylglycerin (and) CI 77891/Titanium dioxide (and) Citric acid (and) Tin oxide

ISO 16128: both versions have a content of natural origin higher than 95%


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