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Cheerio In-Cosmetics! It was the bee’s knees, but in case you missed something, here’s a summary...Sent: 12/04/2017

Again this year, the pollution thematic is more than ever in the front of the scene. After the spike we had a few months ago, consumers realized the real impact of external aggressions on our skin. Dark spots, premature aging, dull complexion and acne are just a few examples...

To counter this damage, Solabia offers 3 different and complementary assets to answer all the problems:


Already having demonstrated the role of POLLUSTOP® as an anti-pollution shield acting on UV and chemical stress and limiting the impact of fine particles on skin cells and the penetration of heavy metals into the skin in city life situations, Solabia has broadened its field of investigation with additional tests:

- On the one hand on the skin, in order to assess on a panel of Chinese consumers the perception of the presence of a shield,
- and on the other hand through studying the effect of its high molecular weight matrix polymer on protecting hair from the incrustation of fine particles. These fine particles cause irritation to the scalp and also dry out and weaken delipidated hair due to numerous oxidation reactions. For this, two experimental ex vivo models (tests on hair fibers) were chosen: the first, preventive, by applying the shielding active ingredient in a mist compared to the placebo; the second, curative, by formulating the active ingredient in a shampoo compared to the placebo.


Confronting pollution by offering the skin an anti-pollution protective shield does not exclude the use of an additional biological process, that of AhR, aryl-hydrocarbon receptors of which polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. At the heart of the unique and natural eco-system of Ouessant, an island in the Iroise Sea, the Solabia Group, via its acquisition of the company Algues & Mer in November 2016, proposes the active ingredient INVINCITY®, AhR inhibitor with the overall purpose of fighting polluaging®. The anti-Polluaging® action of INVINCITY® is characterized via the reduction of the formation of skin redness and of the synthesis of melanins on dark spots, whose formation mechanism related to pollution is now perfectly understood. Its proven ex vivo and in vitro action on improving the dermo-epidermal structure gives skin better cellular support, strengthens its barrier function and improves firmness. INVINCITY® is a concentrated active ingredient of sulphated fucoidans of high molecular weight with polysaccharide design rich in fucose, xylose and glucuronic acid, obtained from organic-certified brown alga, Ascophyllum nodosum, also called The Sea Rockweed.


DETOXI-LOOK®, as its name suggests, is the active solution developed by the Solabia Group researchers to offer skin a detox treatment to efficiently and quickly cleanse it of accumulated pollutants which suffocate it, thus resulting in radiant-looking skin, "happy skin for a happy look"! Detoxify, illuminate and moisturize are the three main objectives of DETOXI-LOOK® to fight against pollution and its irremediable consequences on radiance.

DETOXI-LOOK® is a plant complex obtained by cold co-pressing of two “light” flowers, radiating beauty, the EVERLASTING (Helichrysum italicum) or "the Gold Sun" and the DAISY (Bellis perennis), literally meaning "beautiful forever", stabilized by vegetable glycerin and composed of polyphenols and saponins. DETOXI-LOOK® re-boosts the skin's detoxification system by stimulating the synthesis of phase 1 enzymes (Cytochrome P450) and Phase 2 enzymes (UDP-Glucuronyltransferase). It also contributes to brightening the complexion thanks to its lightening action and its ability to regulate the skin micro-circulation, while moisturizing the skin and refreshing the complexion, because well-hydrated skin is smoother and reflects light better. These benefits were observed by a panel of 50 volunteers, highly exposed to pollutants (intensive smokers) with significant perception of a brighter, fresher and more even complexion, skin less sensitive to sensations of discomfort and with smoother features.

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