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The Green Gold of Japan and the Treasures of the Iroise Sea enrich the plant extracts range of Solabia Group!Sent: 01/04/2017

The doors of the In-Cosmetics show have just opened and in addition to the active ingredients presented this year, the Solabia group offers inspirational extracts to enrich your formulas!

The Green Gold of Japan:

Genuine symbol of both luxury and tradition in the Land of the Rising Sun, this exceptional green tea, more commonly known as Matcha Tea, is often described as the “Green Gold Of Japan”. It is subject to a strong democratization and is hitting the headlines as a “must-test & must-taste” product.
Powerful antioxidant concentrate, it is destined to become the favorite ingredient of the cosmetic industry without a doubt. “Health Plant” by excellence, it prevents various types of stress, such as oxidative stress but it also stimulates microcirculation to detoxify the skin and thus slow premature ageing.
Also, to adapt it to all formulation types, a full range of 4 Matcha Tea extracts, COSMOS compliant, has been developed:
-        MATCHA TEA WATER: aqueous extract produced by hydrodistillation
-        GLYCEROLAT® OF MATCHA TEA: aqueous extract stabilized with plant glycerin
-        OLEAT® TRI OF MATCHA TEA UP: lipophilic extract
-        ECOMILK® OF MATCHA TEA: Milky preparation like the infamous “Matcha Latte”

Treasures of the Iroise Sea:

When we dive into the heart of the Iroise Sea along the Brittany coasts, an extraordinary garden is waiting to be discovered, where wild and untouched nature develops. Ouessant Island is found in the Iroise Sea, beaten by the winds. It is remarkable for its marine ecosystem, and more specifically algae, making it an area of ecological, heritage, economic and social interest.
After joining the Solabia Group in 2016, the company Algues & Mer set off on a marine treasure hunt in this wonderful marine nursery listed as a Unesco Biosphere Reserve since 1988. 4 inspirational algae have been recently developed: SPIRAL OF THE SEA (Fucus spiralis), SEA ROCKWEED (Ascophyllum nodosum), SERRATED FUCUS (Fucus serratus), from wild algae but harvested according to applicable good practices, and NEPTUNE HARPOON (Asparagopsis armata), grown in an exclusive concession assigned to Algues & Mer by the French government. These algae bathe in the IROISE SEA WATER, a highly nutritious serum from which they draw all the benefits, and in which together they form a magnificent underwater garden.


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