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D-Glycargine® wins PCHI Awards 2017 Sent: 08/03/2017

At PCHI in Guangzhou, the Solabia Group received an Award in the anti-aging category thanks to its product: D-Glycargine®!

This product offers a double action on glycation by preventing it but also by reversing aging through deglycation. As the glycation is usually associated with the skin swallowing, Solabia evaluated its capacity to De-yellowing the skin, to get an anti-aging & lightening active ingredient.

In addition to the winning ingredient at this trade show, Solabia presented a range of Anti-pollution & Microbiome products, including a fun and sensory journey with the slogan: “Welcome to the future trip of cosmetic!”
Thanks a lot to those who came and see you next year! 

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